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Visionary artist beyond our age
Copyright 2004 Gallery Djupet
All rights reserved to Michael U Johansson
The inspirational goal is to create works of art, each with a different message and
energy. The guiding-star is to lightning up our innermost. Motives which gives us a
deep meaning. A deep which makes us stop and look inside ourselves and reflect
the meaning or our lives.
Your contributions can assist in manifesting my goals. Your support allows me
to focus the efforts on the creative process of harnessing this inspirational
energy into an art form.

Sponsorship donations will assist in the purchasing of necessary equipment
such as, canvas, acrylic and oil paint, and other materials. Shipping costs to
artfairs and galleries all over the world is a huge cost, however sponsor
donations of any size are honored and accepted. Contributions can be made on
an individual or business basis. Sponsors will be listed on Gallery Djupets
website and advertising materials. A great way to make a difference and
promote your business at the same time.

It is easy for you to be an official Sponsor. Just send me a message!