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It all begins for about 40 years ago in Sweden. A country which is located in the north part on
this earth. The year was 1964 - The year I was born. All my childhood were characterized by
curiosity, creative joy and exploration of my world. A curiosity which origin in the ambition to
understand the meaning of life. Where did I come from? Why do I exist? The creativety and
the gift to realize and express feelings have been my leadingstar during all years. Allready in
early childhood I liked to express myself in the way of pictures. My fantasy have allways been
vivid. My thoughts and inner pictures have allways been a mix of fantasy and imagined reality.
This mix have allways fascinated me! What is fantasy? Could the imagination be memories
from lifes before this?

During a period in my life I devoted my energy to different kinds of handicrafts. During this
period, in connection with a depression, I discovered the channel inside myself. By looking
into myself, I realized that there was I way to communicate with my own soul! This took place
for about 10 years ago. The time that followed consisted of inner discovery and an intensive
search for the answers to my questions; What is the meaning with my life? Where did I come
from? What happens after I die? I was learning how to meditate and practise yoga. I studied
all litterature I found in this area. All with one main goal; Get some answers to my existential

During this intensive period I became the father of five children. The birth of all five was also
contributing to my search. I am now living by Buddhistic norms and respect all livingbeings
around me as my own souls equal. I am seeing our soul as undeadly and the existing life as
a phase of learning in the continuous development of the soul.

About three years ago my life centred on my wife and my five children. At this moment
something happened that changed my life completely! I had learned alot through the years
but now I met my soulmate! I could not believe it... Me and this new person directely felt that
we had known each other earlier but we had never met before. We both believed and felt the
same. Now a new struggle between the common sense and the feeling began. Against the
background on my belief and my knowledge, I had to let my intuition guide me. Today I am
living together with my soulmate Jenny and my two oldest boys. I have fine contact with my
three daughters and I see them alot. When the worst of my crise was over, Jenny encouraged
me to begin painting again. Now I have very clear pictures in my mind. The guidingstar in my
motives are to express my inner origin in form of picures on canvas. The result can be inspect
in the artwork I create.

"Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw
well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colours, and that you be a
true poet. This last is essential."
-- Wassily Kandinsky.
Contemporary artist Michael U Johansson
All rights reserved to Michael U Johansson
Tage Erlanders väg 32--S-227 62 Lund--Sweden
Phone: +46 46335508