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Visionary artist beyond our age
My vision is to make the mood or fragment of it. The place where we all come. The
land before and beyond our existence. I call it the land of our souls. Beware of it's
existence, put all the trivial things behind you and just being here. His sense is
grounded without an insight into the time surrounding the time. The goal for my
artwork is to make a bridge between this existence and the land of our souls. My
illustrations invite a dialogue between painting and you same.
Copyright 2004 Gallery Djupet
All rights reserved to Michael U Johansson
Spirituality is, in a narrow sense,
a concern with matters of the
spirit. The spiritual, concerning
as it does eternal verities
regarding Man's
ultimate nature, is often
contrasted with the temporal or
the worldly. It may include belief
in supernatural powers, as in
religion, but the
emphasis is on personal
experience. It may be an
expression for life perceived as
higher, more complex or more
integrated with one's
worldview, as contrasted with
the merely sensual.