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Imposition of chaos - An artwork by Michael U Johansson
"Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, that
you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colours, and that you be a true poet. This last is
essential." -- Wassily Kandinsky.

“Michael- Having been through your
entire website, this piece, in my opinion,
is your best and most skillfully developed
piece. It is rich in sense of place, energy
filled, and has excellent depth of
field/dimensionality, in addition it is
emotionally contemplative and
immersive. The paint handling skills are
quiet evolved in this piece comparatively.
Great Job.”
— A. LaRue, Hawaii
"Your work is absolutely stunning and
has lyrical qualities. I can hardly take
my eyes off these beautiful pieceswhich
make my hair stand on end.You are a
master in what you do and have golden
hands!!!Respect and positive vibes."
— Marco Brown, Malta
“A marvelous homepage has built on which the
view admiringly looks. have tinkered with level,
is simply beautifully, further like that. On these
sides is nix with hurry, I can for hours stay here.
My praise is the trouble wages of whole hearts
congratulation. I greet you although from the
distance and come again very, very gladly, me
will make happy on your return visit.”
—Andreas Seremak, Germany
"Michael, your abstract art is really
interesting! It has a mysterious depth and
softness; I see plants or waves of spiritual
— Andrey, Minnesota USA
“Michael! Great site with fantastic artwork!
Love the colors and style .. really wonderful
and imaginative works!”
—Margit, Vienna Italy
“Your paintings show an impressive wealth of
emotions in wonderful colours. Congratulations
on your artwork! Wishing you much inspiration,
and personally the very best.”
— Ronald, Leipzig Germany
“I've seen all your artworks on your site. The
colors are like I want them, they are wonderful
and also the light you put in your artworks. They
are like real. Its very good what you are making,
continue like that.”
—Bakkach, Belgium
“Whats a beautiful homepage here! I enjoyed
viewing all your sites. Your artwork - colourful
and wonderful. I like your honest and direct
painting style. Your symbolism are perfect and
powerful. I have looked your homepage with
pleasure. I wish your all the best.”
— Hermann Zobrist, Switzerland
“I find the paintings very interesting. I love the
contrast of the colours used. These paintings
exudes the excitement of life coupled with warmth
and love.”
— Raquel, Spain
“Michael! I´ve just perused your site. I like the
subject matter of some very much and you seem
to have a unique vision and way of expressing
— Tammy, Isle of Man
”Jag va precis inne och titta på dina målningar... Kunde inte slita
blicken från dem...vart nästan trollbunden av målningen med
kvinnan som sitter ner...och ljuset är långt borta....Känndes som
det va jag...Nog många som är bra på att måla men att fånga en
känsla på en duk är inte lätt...bra gjort.”
— Anonym, Sweden