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Visionary artist beyond our age
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All rights reserved to Michael U Johansson
Certificates of Authenticity are issued to ensure the work of art you are paying for is exactly what you are getting.
It is the document that proves that the work of art is by the artist, and not a forgery. If you are buying a painting or
part of a limited edition, it insures that the work is authorized by the artist, not outside of the edition. Works that
are not inside the edition set by the artist are unauthorized and therefore illegal. They are stolen from the artist, or
are forgeries.

When you buy artwork by Michael U Johansson, a Certificate of Authenticity always accompanies it, either at the
time of sale or is sent to you within a short period of time. If you buy the work from a gallery, the certificate should
come from the gallery, and have the galleries name, address and an officers signature on it.

If you buy the work from the secondary market (from another collector) you should receive the certificate from
where ever the art was originally purchased. If you buy artwork from the artist, you will receive a Certificate of
Authenticity directly from Michael U Johansson - Gallery Djupet.

BEWARE! There is only one certificate issued per work of art! Keep your Certificates in a safe place. If you lose your
Certificate, another should not be issued.