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Bald beauty - An artwork by Michael U Johansson
Ascotstudios offer a comprehensive range of New Media services. We provide Web Design &
Development, CDROM Production and Graphic Design to both the Public & Private Sectors. We
endeavour to build up professional relationships with our clients quickly & efficiently. Our clients range
from national organisations to small businesses, authors & artists. We pride ourselves on delivering a
service that is unique & specifically tailored to the needs of the client without delays or complications.
New paintings are at Recent. And if you have a little more time, you
could surf around the Retrospective Galleries with art works from
1984 to 2000. Is a free thumbnail gallery! There are watercolors,
pastels, oils and mixed media. If you want some art advice or travel
info, go to Free Services. But if you'd like to visit other artists pages or
great museums, mp3, free software, eBay or a lot of selected sites,
your place is Cool Links! Looking for beautiful photos?, then visit this
section: Photos by a Master. Also there is a directory with some of
the best search engines and a nice section for webmasters.

Welcome to TIMELYART.COM, a site dedicated to the
development and sale of art that will grace today's homes
and offices. The drawings, paintings and renderings
featured at TIMELYART are Realistic, Impressionistic and
Representational: these are not images that need
explanation, they are intrinsically understandable, beautiful,
iconic, tasteful, and have been selected to augment and
beautify the interiors of today's homes and work spaces. Art
that is unique, exclusive and affordable in both original and
reproduction formats - and above all -- timely.

A kind of art that makes an union between geometric painting and action painting. This abstract art is very different
from the painting of the ' 60 because here the action painting is not formative but it is a delete of the geometry, a
destruction (a negative action). Here the painting is only a process. There is a pre-action and so a post-action
process. If I have to chose, I can say that I am a painter of post-action painting.This mean that I have to prepare the
action (pre-action), than I make the action painting (but in a negative way) and so....

My pictures are almost always figurative. Issues
of sexuality and gender are of particular interest to
me and therefore lesbian, transsexual and
transgender images strongly influence and
pervade my work.
Welcome to the Virtual Art Gallery of Anastasia Hohriakova,
a contemporary Russian artist whose genius stands at the intersection of Realism and
Impressionism. The gallery represents more than 300 art originals in almost all genres of easel
and monumental painting: genre scenes, portraits, landscapes, still lifes, interior murals and
frescos, sgraffito and mosaic. Visitors to the gallery can purchase artwork
or place an individual order with the artist.

The sole purpose of business is to make
money! Advertising can create a personality
for your business, make a hero out of your
product and ultimately bring in more
customers. "IMAGE is everything", will make your business
stand out in the minds of the consumer by
creating eye catching, memorable custom
graphics. is dedicated to
improving your image, the practice of Feng
Shui or, "the art of perfect placement", will
encourage more consumers to enter your
business, and buy. In addition, Feng Shui will
make you and your employees happy, relaxed
and more productive in the work environment.

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After a year of integration and adaption to Flanders, Ceci can dedicate herself entirely to her passion again. As her website grew with her artistic evolution, all
previous art works were taken away, as she cannot identify herself with them anymore. Only portraits (her speciality) and interior decoration can be seen untill
more art pieces will be finished.

Amsterdam Art Gallery is happy to welcome you at Amsterdam Art Gallery is currently one of the largest European
galleries dealing with online sales of artworks. We are ready to offer you magnificent, high-quality artworks created by professional artists. All
art-works are originals, whereof an Originality Certificate is issued for each work.Should you feel difficulty in choosing any artwork presented by
Amsterdam Art Gallery, we would gladly assist you in making a perfect choice. We have highly skilled art historians and designers, who will help you in
finding most suitable artwork for your interior. Our priority is providing most comfortable, high-quality and fast services to our customers.

Craft by Numbers - personalised paint by numbers kits.
You supply a photograph and we send you a painting
kit with which you create a wonderful A3-sized
painting. The paintings are artistic, but faithful to the
photo and there are no unsightly numbers showing
through. The paints and brushes in the kit are high
quality Daler-Rowney art materials. Full, simple,
instructions are provided to help you create a
The works of the artist are the effect of fascinating the natural cycle of the world, cosmos and nature. It is a
trial of finding the answer for basically existential questions such as: What next? Beyond us? Beyond world?
What connection have love and death? Where is the end of desire and it begins the sin? The love of life is a
key to the art’s world, where you can experience moments of supreme delight, feel the angel’s touch and the
earnest of paradise before you become the small part of universe in the everlasting cycle of nature.

A New Zealander since 1989, french born Olivier Duhamel lives on Waiheke island with his wife
Marie-France and their 3 children. A self taught hobbyist and long time recreational draughstsman, Mr
Duhamel recently resumed his artistic career. His principal inspiration is the female nude which he
depicts using graphite pencil on paper with great attention to details. Member of the Catherine Mitchells
Life Drawing group since 2004.

The artist and art by Larz Eldbåge on
the web.
this website features three main sections
one is dedicated to abstract pen and ink drawing developed since the late
1970s, starting from spontaneous signs traced on paper
another part is dedicated to kiln-fired clay sculpture
in 1994 I began moulding terracotta heads using various kinds of clay,
each type characterised by a different colour and consistency
the third section is about music
Landscape designers - Our best landscape designers and
contractors offer best landscape design, maintenance, lawn
care and mowing services at competitive price.

This site is intended to give interesting information
about world-famous artists such as Botticelli,
Caravaggio, Manet, Picasso, etc. Also, you can
see galleries with their most important artworks.
Currently, we have four of the most important
painters of history of art, but we will add more
soon. Keep visiting this site to see our frequent
Pernilla är till största del självlärd vilket hon
själv ser som den största styrkan.
"Då jag målar kan jag inte distraheras av några
teoretiska tankar utan jag målar ur hjärtat, ur
viljan. Jag förvånas ofta över resultatet och
frågar mig själv ibland hur jag gjorde. Be mig
aldrig förklara hur jag målat för jag har ingen
aning! Jag undrar själv ibland från vilken källa
det kommer. Jag känner mig fortfarande på ett
experimenterande plan och tittar nyfiket på vad
det valda motivet säger om mig själv".
Here you can make a choice of paintings that will suit
your taste or interior. This is only a part of the
collection, which will be updated regularly. Would you
like to have more information? Or would you like to
order a painting? Send an email to We’re sure
we can help you find the painting you desire. Prices
depend on the choice of material and size. We can also
make a Giclee print from every painting from the
I am interested in and inspired by many things creative; contemporary dance, ceramics, drawing and
painting and within the last 10 years or so photography. I photograph intuitively but on some occassions
plan a shoot. I am often drawn to architecture that initially appears mundane and uninteresting and try to
capture it from a more interesting perspective. Living in London gives a great opportunity to photograph,
draw and paint many of the amazing buildings, cityscapes, events and general life! I am planning to
return to New York to capture some more of the fantastic sights there.

"The essential quality of an artist is his ability to
detach himself from the superficial
appearance of the image he is working with. He
must be able to penetrate the true
essence of the object and transform his
impression into a picture with physical
dimensions." ~ The Rebbe

Juanmiguel Giralt was born in Barcelona in 1953. To very
early age he goes to Madrid with their family, being
developed in this Capital starting from then, so much his first
vital stages, as the rising and very diversified journey of
training of their artistic abilities.
Art is a means to express what we feel or have
experienced during the time of our existence. Using
different techniques and materials we can transmit what
we feel, live and observe in our own, distinctive way.