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Contemplation - An artwork by Michael U Johansson
Dona Bryhiel is a renowned painter with a fine reputation for her figurative paintings. Her oil paintings combine
Caribbean elements with her French Provencal heritage. The colorful paintings feature the role of beautiful
Caribbean women, and elements of Caribbean life. Dona Bryhiel applies various creative techniques, and
displays unique ceramic works, and her own textile designs. The online gallery exhibits some of these
exceptional art works, and offers attractively priced prints of her paintings.

BIRGIT O’CONNOR is a self taught Watercolor artist who specializes in florals and landscapes. Birgit
lives in Bolinas of West Marin, California and finds watercolor the most fluid and expressive medium.

I am a graduate of the North Light Art School. I began my career as a student of fine art at Portland
Community College in Portland, Oregon. Throughout my studies I was greatly influenced by the post
impressionist cubists such as Cezanne and Braque. I also gravitate toward the color palettes of the
Fauvists, especially Andre Derain. I get my inspirations from observing my surroundings and then
pushing the envelope a bit further to simplify the subject beyond reality. My inspiration for Newport
Gothic came to me when I saw the architectural beauty of the understructure of the Yaquina Bay
Bridge in Newport Oregon. My feelings of futility that the common worker is trapped in led to Blue
Collar Rut. The interrelationship between the sea, earth and sky led me to paint Glad for Stella as a
tribute to Frank Stella, another of my artistic idols.

When asked ‘What is your favorite painting’, artist
Linda Paul responds, ‘the next one I am going to
paint!” Linda Paul is the only artist in North America to
combine egg tempera painting & bas-relief sculpture.
Her latest work combines European landscapes &
sculpted cuisine on plaster. She is a self taught
painter and sculptor

The nexus between music and painting and ways of pictorially representing sound and silence, have
been the main subjects of my work as an artist since 1980. This exploration has many facets from
attempts at a pictorial representation of sound, to the creation of environments (maybe places or
landscapes) that result from the sensations, feelings, states of mind and/or visions generated by music.
My work has gone through different stages from attempts to illustration of specific musical work to
explorations of aspects of the musical structure itself. This is, of course, purely subjective

Looking at a painting of Peter van Oostzanen one gets the
impression that one is looking at a different reality. It is as if one
is looking through a window at another world. A world in which
other laws of nature apply. Subjects have other functions and
human beings act differently than we are used to. This way
another world is created. At first sight it looks like the world we
live in, but it is clear that that is not the case.

Je vous souhaite la bienvenue sur le
site d'Ak, femme tantôt modèle, tantôt

Shano studied Art History at California State University of Northridge
and University of Utah, as well as a year of Fashion Illustration at The
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Sherman Oaks,
California. (Which greatly influences her style of painting)
As I understand we are not conscious, as we are going toward
a global destruction and pollution of the environment, and I
realized I was also a part of it.This opened my eyes
and therefor I am now eating vegetarian organic food, I'm against
mankind using animals for her own pupose as in animalfactories.
In this site found a contemporary gallery of art containing the managers and the intense activities realized from the
painter Emanuela Ligal, In questo sito trovate una galleria d'arte contemporanea contenente i quadri e i lavori realizzati
dalla pittrice Emanuela Ligal
I love to use bright and vivid watercolors and try to make the best out of soft and glimmering
pastels.I sometimes also work with mixed water media, but what makes me most happy is when I
manage to create fresh and instant watercolor paintings where the white quality paper and all
negative form make important parts of the art work.

Capture the magic of Trompe L'Oeil! Ideas and inspiration abound in this exquisite book filled with stunning
trompe l'oeil work by Yves Lanthier, master muralist for celebrities and owners of some of the most magnificent
private estates in south Florida

"Painting and drawing, a natural and urgent need to express what I see became serious in the middle fifties. Self taught with much
desire, progress was made. In 1964, needing more professional help, I studied with Mr. Cohen in San Diego Calif., who had a studio
in Balboa park. Mr. Cohen was 90 years old at that time and as a young man in Paris at the turn of the century had the opportunity to
meet Claude Monet and to know and to understand his techniques and insites. Mr. Cohen relayed these techniques to me which was
a fascinating adventure and learning process for me. I have never shown my work in galleries, but have sold privately. in the span of
these years my paintings are in peoples homes through out the United States and Japan."

Wandering on an endless art jungle of a network the Internet, more often I saw art schools with a very
low level of initial, base training. This situation is usual not only for one country but it’s a reality all over
the world. The school of realism today reminds me an old private residence near 80 floor concrete and
glass building of computer technologies. The first is cozy and alive the latter is unapproachable and cold.
Nevertheless, old artists ‘masterpieces are still of great value but even the most talented works in a digital
format lose their novelty and urgency very quickly.

The medium Gemma uses for her Dog Art and Wildlife Art is Colored Pencils. Her method is applying
several layers of color, using the colored pencil. The result simulates the look of an oil or acrylic painting.
When people see her work they almost always say, "I can't believe this is done with colored pencils".
Gemma is known for her attention to detail and her skill with the colored pencils.

Welcome to my gallery! These images are based on a kind of math called fractal geometry, and are
created by repeating simple patterns billions and trillions of times. Until today's fast computers became
widely available, only mathematicians had seen them; now everyone can enjoy their intricacy and
I am a native Floridian currently residing in Lake City, Florida with my husband and I am a self-taught
artist. Art or some related form of creativity has always had an important place in my life from an
early age. After spending 10 plus years in the administrative field, I was finally able to direct my
attention to art after moving to Lake City in 1986.
In the French language, the word "glisse"
means "all boardsports"." Glisse sports"
include windsurfing, skiing, jet skis,
wakeboards, water skiing, surfing, and
also in-line skating, and skateboarding . . .

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