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A face - An artwork by Michael U Johansson
Alejandro Toigo nació en el año 1960 en Buenos Aires, Argentina, ciudad donde reside actualmente.
Desde su niñez ya tenía una inclinación hacia el arte. En su adolescencia empezó a incursionar en el
dibujo artístico y a la vez descubrió su pasión por la Informática. A mediados de los ' 90 cursó Diseño
asistido por computadora en la Nueva Escuela de Artes Visuales y estudió Diseño Gráfico en la
Universidad de Palermo.

As a child, Su watched in fascination the animals, insects and birds around her. She adored wildlife and also thoroughly
enjoyed drawing. Throughout the following years, her love of art and her concern for her fellow creatures has bee unceasing.
Wherever Su has travelled she has never been far from four-legged or feathered friends. Throughout her life she has rescued
and cared for a variety of stray, sick or injured wildlife: animals, birds and reptiles. The study of wildlife behaviour and caring
for animals in order for them to be reintroduced back into the wild, has given her much pleasure. Su's wish, is that in some
small way she has been able to reciprocate.

I have always had this talent. The 'artsy craftsy' sort of thing, from as long as I can remember.
In grade school I recall my girl friend and I getting together after class and doing little 8 x 10 paintings,
using old greeting cards, magazines etc. for inspiration.

Welcome to old Hippie Art, the cyberspace gallery of George Beil. Kick your shoes off, have a cup of coffee and
browse the galleries. Be sure to stop by the 60's pages for a visit with Abby, Tim and the rest of the radical crowd.
Take a look at our original art work, both 3D and traditional. Old Hippie Art is the home of ALL ORIGINAL IMAGES and
digital art as well as traditional oils on canvas. You will NEVER see someone else's art work, or some else's stock
photography on our site. You will never see photography from "free photo places." Each piece of work has been
lovingly painted either on canvas with oils and acrylics or rendered by use in one of our many 3D programs. Feel
free to sign the guest book before you leave. All questions, comments and criticisms are appreciated. Thanks for
stopping by.

Art is visible everywhere. It is much like a raging river...fluid and constantly changing but, only in the
eyes of those who create it. It is a passion, a desire, a comrade in itself. It reaches within our inner
souls begging us to reveal our experiences, ideas and emotions through images onto canvas or
paper. In actualization, art is a reflection of our own inner selves. ~Carol Moore~

Mike was born 1941 in Arnold, Nottinghamshire, UK and have been keen on art from a very young age. "I passed a scholarship at the
age of 12 yrs to go to the Nottingham Technical School of Art. This gave me the opportunity to be taught some of the finer skills and
techniques that would have been required should I have chosen to enter the art profession. At the age of 15 I decided not to make it
my career and instead entered the engineering profession. I studied electronics and became a design engineer with a local company.
My work took me to many places around the world and although it was very demanding it was also very rewarding. In September
2000 I retired early due to ill health. It was the ideal time for me to take up my passion again and so joined the Arnold Art Society the
same year".

Island Art is a wholesale publisher and
distributor of Art reproductions and Art
Products. Our emphasis is on work of the
Pacific Northwest with a focus on the tourism
industry. We represent some of the finest artists
in their field and welcome dealer inquiries.

My name is John Baselmans and was born may 20, 1954, Aalst (Waalre) Netherlands. I live on
Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles (A small island in the Caribbean) This site is a place for people who are
interested in;Art, Kids art, Artists world wide, Schools, Sculptors, Postal stamps or Illustrators.
In short every one is welcome.

"My paintings are fueled by a
bond to the land of Israel's
Northern Negev at the desert's
edge. The art I like does not try to
be sophisticated, but is innocent,
speaking with a quiet voice to
and from the more fundamental
depths of one's consciousness."
The works by Olena Sohatzkaya-Gorbel, a Kharkiv artist, are presented on these pages. Olena was
born in Kharkiv, on October 30, in 1976. She finished the Kharkov State Art School, then she
graduated from the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts. A member of the Youth Union of Artists of
Ukraine since, 2004. Sohatzkaya-Gorbel is a member of the regional and all-ukrainian exhibitions. Her
works are sold to France, Russia, Germany and the USA.

"The art work I have completed consists of several types of paper layered over hot compressed
paper. I use anything I can get my hands on to create my modern abstract paintings. The art work
begins with watercolor, then is layered with gouache, acrylics, etc; until I am completely satisfied.
This unique process sometimes takes several days to weeks for completion."

Ilyas Phaizulline was born in August 15, 1950 in Tetyushi city on Volga. After
finishing a musical-art-pedagogical secondary school in Leninigorsk in 1970 he
has visited the class of a figure in Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture
by I.E.Repin in St. Petersburg. Painter and drawner. Ilyas has been living and
working in Kazan city (the capital of Tatarstan republic in Russia) from 2001.
The member of the Artists Union of Russia and Tatarstan. Artworks by Ilyas
Phaizulline you can find in private collections of Spain, Italy and England. Several
paintings was purchased by President of the Tatarstan Republic administration
and situated in Kazan Kremlin now.

When we started Rat Star Arts nearly 4 years ago it was done as a hobby. Even the title “Rat Star Arts” was a joke, an
anagram that we thought would make a cool company name. Rat Star Arts was a page of some doodles done with a track
ball trying to learn a computer painting program called Fractal Design Painter. Ericka could not draw or paint normally because
of the pain from a severe wrist injury. We never would have dreamed this site would gather so much attention or so many
wonderful visitors from around the world!
"I grew up in Newark, New Jersey until we moved to Irvington when I was in the third
grade. From the time I can remember I was always making some kind of art, from sculpting
homemade play dough to holiday decorations and craft projects . . ."
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