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The light between everything - An artwork by Michael U Johansson
Artist Statement: "My work is inspired by the natural
world. Its beauty and its cruelty. Its hostility and its
hospitality. Its paradoxes and its contrasts..."
My name is Kenneth Gustafsson and I´am 53 years old, (born 1953). I live in Ludvika in Sweden, in the
landscape of Dalarna.You can find 3 pictures, watercolour whith "nebuloses" and " irritate ". They come
from 1992 and have bildings whith lab."Flowering" and "nebuloses" aims in no calculated defects has
come up then lots off watercolour lying and creep. I´am painting in my on style. I have studied E.Munch
and William Turner for 35 years. I'ts about rhythm and feelings in my paintings.

Joe Xuereb discovered his artistic inspiration
in Neolithic sculpture, a field rarely exploited
by other local artists and over the years,
though his message has cut across universal
boundaries, has made his reputation by
specializing in this type of art.

La mia pittura e la mia pirografia dal 2001
non dipingo piu'il monferrato,la mia terra
amata e odiata allo stesso tempo.alcune mie
opere ad olio e qualche mia opera in pop
I'm quite taken by organic shapes: cell structures, woodnerves, leaves, branches. It's simply the
environment that supplies me with the basic forms. When I start out with a brandnew, white sheet of
paper, the patterns seem to emerge from the paper by themselves and all I do is try to capture them in
rough lines with a pencil. Then I begin filling in these shapes with pen, step-by-step, letting each step
dictate the next.
Welcome to my site. Like most pet portrait artists, I work
from photos, mainly in pencil, watercolour or gouache,
which is a thicker, more opaque kind of watercolour.
Western America’s mystique, heritage and beauty are vast themes to
challenge artists of today. The themes, at first glance, may seem as vast as
the country itself. As an artist, I want to capture these visual messages and
interpret them in a way that the viewer will see the environment more vividly
and know that we must preserve its beauty and natural rhythms.

My painting is about communication. It is a visual vocabulary without narrative. Although the stain is conveyed
through the use of mixed media, it attempts to transcend the plain of obvious language. It is the face in the wallpaper
that appears and disappears, elusive and exclusive. It is the product of a journey into lands that we each inhibit
although the language may not be the same. The echo is the conversation between the painting and the viewer – an
exchange/ Lynda M Roberts

Welkom op de pagina van
kunstschilder / stillevenschilder Jos
van Riswick. Op deze pagina vindt
u mijn schilderijen: STILLEVENS in
olieverf. Een deel van de
schilderijen is te koop . Zie de link
Aankoop indien u interesse heeft in
een stilleven schilderij.
Zilioli was born in ' 53, in Turin (Italy), but I consider myself an Italian stateless person. At the age of 19 years
I take the sea, beginning to furrow the blue of the world with the uniform of official of the Italian merchant
marine, and under - activity, amatorial and not, like astrologer, painter, musician; for last the activity of
goldsmith with which I stop sailing the seas of the world. In the ' 99 I take artistic diploma to the L.S. "P. Klee",
one beautiful experience, enriching. 2002 course of screenplay and cinematographic direction analysis.
Currently I have a employment that concurs me to survive, with the rest I live.
I enjoy taking a variety of elements and infusing them with vibrant hues and bold lines to create mosaics of
energy and color. The subjects of an ordinary still life appear to be in a state of transformation, rather than just a
grouping of static objects. Following traditional rules, I want each of my works to progress beyond the mere
transcendent quality of all art. I was first attracted to oil colors because of their luminosity as well as their
spontaneity and expressiveness. Each of my works is a patchwork of bold colors and textures for the viewer
to visually piece together in his or her own way -- a personal exploration of the dynamic possibilities of color
and line.

Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe was born on the 20.05.1949 in Nottingham England. "I have been living in
Germany since 1979, I am still a British Subject. Before I came to Germany in 1979 I lived in Plymouth
Devon , where I was as a stonemason und sculptor, specialised in the restoration from old buildings.
I made this hobby to my job."

With my paintings I feel i can express myself in the way i need it, and it's interesting
that you can "say" something without words. In some way i have sometimes felt it
like a healing to paint.

There is no stopping Mat Dollah when executing his work. A piece of cloth has to go through rigorous
process that uniquely his. From dotted, lined and cracked with wax to various color application
techniques, the images he created seem to emerge from inside the art piece. Don't be surprised if he
repeats the whole process again and again-that's what separates Mat Dollah's batik from the
My paintings are influenced mostly by Fauvism and Expressionism, but also by Art Deco, Pop-Art and the
old masters. Through the use of expressive, vibrant color, abstraction and distortions, I seek to portray
human emotions and passions in my still life, landscape and figure paintings. My favorite artists are
Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Egon Schiele, Mark Rothko, Peter Max, Rubens and El Greco, among others.

Aber erst mit etwa 16 Jahren habe ich angefangen
relativ regelmäßig zu malen. Inzwischen male ich,
soweit es meine Freizeit erlaubt, sehr viel.
Ich probiere sehr gerne verschiedene Techniken
aus. Was aber die Motive betrifft, habe ich schon
immer Portraits vorgezogen.

Artist Statement: "I try to create and play with little cosmoses of colour, that together form a
recognizable image. It is not the image nor the accuracy of my way of drawing and painting that
counts. It is through the colours and the meaning beyond the image itself that I express my view on the
Cosmic Theatre, on the many manifestations and on the Mystery behind existence." - Toshi -

The artist has traveled extensively and her landscapes reflect views that range from the London
skyline at sunset, the Maroon Bells at dusk and the Arab desert in late afternoon. Her works include
domestic and foreign landscapes, city scenes and some floral watercolor paintings.

I am self - taught artist living in Australia. All the digital pictures are "painted" on
computer using Wacom Tablet and Painter software. I have usually reference photo in
front of me and I use tablet an pen instead of a mouse. I do not copy the photo or use
any filters. Some digital paintings are painted by setting up still life next to my
computer. Many of my digital images are preliminary sketches for oil or watercolour
Welcome to my site! I hope that you will enjoy viewing my website and find it interesting. I am a self-taught artist and live in Siberia , Mezdurechensk.
I love my City for it is very gorgeous and a friendly place. My paintings are mostly plain air and reflections of the landscape with its numerous
emotions. Through art, I have been discovering our astonishing and insightful world. I enjoy working with variety of subjects such as Portraits, birds
and nature. I too, love photographing and hope that will enjoy my album. To me, nature has an endless road for self-expressions whether in
paintings, writings, music, web or graphic design and every other aspect of arts not mentioned. Pavel Kalugin

Farjas participated in a large number of collective exhibitions mainly in Paris where he was a full
member [sociétaire] of the Salon des Artistes Français, the Salon de la Societe Nationale des
Beaux-arts and the Salon d'Automne of which he was a member of the board of directors and
Secretary General. The Salon d'Automne paid him special homage, a special exhibition, in 1990.

Michael Khundiashvili is a recipient of National and International Portrait Competitions Awards and Honors and a Graduate of the acclaimed Academy for
Fine Arts in Tbilisi Georgia. His works are in private and public Collections throughout the Russia, Canada, Israel, Georgia, United States and has been
featured in several national publications. Since 1987 he is a member of the association of Arts in the Soviet Union. In 1995 he immigrated to Israel and
become a member of the Israeli painters and sculptors association.

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