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Sweet rain - An artwork by Michael U Johansson
Art's ability to encompass the fields of physical science, psychology, philosophy, religion and myth
enables it to weave meaningful images out of the individual strands of knowledge from other, more
restrictively focused disciplines. Future works will continue this wide-ranging exploration of how
meaning emerges in abstract art and in art's potential for providing insight into the nature of life.

Moin welcomes you to his studio of paintings, drawings and mixed media. My paintings are on paper, canvas in acrylics
while my drawings may be a combination of charcoal, pen ink. My most favored works are figurative art in acrylic, multi
layered in attractive colors, entrancing in expressionist style. I hope you enjoy your visit and will take time to drop me a line.
My work here is varied , and I have
incorporated different mediums to get the
finished art piece. I like to call them
paintings, although they are digital images. I
use photos in my paintings also and explore
and use Adobe Photoshop to it's fullest to
get the results seen in my galleries.
Welcome .... here you will find humorous tongue-in-cheek
art of women, men and their animals including colorful pet
portrait commissions from photographs and fun vacation -
beach, ocean, seashore art. Come on in and stay awhile.
Artnexus is a collective of Waikato painters and sculptors. This website provides a central
location for artists belonging to the collective to exhibit their work. The content on this site is
frequently updated, so be sure to visit regularly.

Born 1946 in Oslo, Norway - Norwegian father/Danish mother and have lived
most of my life in Copenhagen. I have a professional background as a
commodities trader, but started to sell my art in the mid 1990's and I have
been working as a professional artist since 1997 - marching to the beat of
my inner "drummer" ! I am self-taught as an artist. My style of painting is
mainly abstract expressionism and my "art-theoretical" foundation is the
American AbEx school of the 1950's and its European "art informel"
counterpart. Special sources of inspiration for me have been Pollock,
Riopelle, Alberto Burri and Anselm Kiefer.

This artist first picked up her paintbrush in 1994 and
quickly discovered a hidden talent. Caprice studied with
artists Karen Hersey and Keith Smith and soon found
herself in a world of colourful oils, shapes and art
techniques. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge of art
became an obsession as Caprice eagerly read each
and every art book she could possibly get her hands

Fatma Gulnar is a member of United Painters and Sculptors and the Turkish Cultural Ministry Artists
Association. She is a professor of Art at Ankara University School of the Arts.Her paintings have
been exhibited in Cyprus, Greece and Belgium.They are also displayed in many private and public
foundations in Turkey.

Abstract expressionist artist Shane Garton express's his artistic training in painting, computer art,
photography and works on paper to capture the essence of the human condition. Exhibited and taught in
Canada for fifteen years. Jazz and poetry a source of inspiration to many of the art works. Now works in
Tasmania, Australia.
Nach vielen Jahren als Musiker wandte ich
mich 1993 der Photographie zu. Beeindruckt
von der Ausdruckskraft qualitativ
hochwertiger Fine-Art-Prints galten die ersten
Jahre dem Erlernen der grundlegenden
photographischen Kenntnisse und
weiterführend dem Interesse von perfekter
Negativ und Positivtechnik nach der Literatur
von Ansel Adams.

Andrey Feldshteyn is a book Illustrator and award-winning cartoonist
from Minnesota, a landwhere warm humoris especially appreciated.

Ihre abstrakten und kubistischen Öl-Bilder strahlen. Sinnlichkeit,
Lebendigkeit und Wärme aus. dabei nutzt sie das gesamte
Farbspektrum und spielt gerne mit erotischen Motiven. Vom Stil der
Maler Picasso und Jawlensky fühlt sie sich besonders inspiriert, was
sich bisweilen in ihren Bildern widerspiegelt und der Kunst-Experte
sofort bemerken wird.

Our lives are spent creating, each moment each act of consciousness is a creation, ever lasting in
eternity. To live our lives with compassion, caring, love, respect, free from judging and divisive acts
becoming pieces of the universe, this is heaven eternal, the fabric of life beyond our awareness'. If
we can all understand this the concept of our actions, words and deeds being that which we are, in
wave upon wave for all eternity, then for each of us how we live and act may take on a new
meaning, for heaven and hell are real. When meaning beyond the abstract is found, to see that we
are the creators and what we create is forever, then this understanding becomes a meaning which
may change the world, for who you are in each moment is timeless and eternal.

I have always loved art and started to learn to paint in September of 1999 , starting with books on
learning how to sketch,that my son ,Angus,bought me as a gift to get started, and moving on to books
to do color pencil work and then oils. Five years later ,2004 ,I painted oil pictures from photographs. I
have finished 7 paintings for my Coastal Scenes of Eastern Canada Collection that I have started .

My paintings are my voice. Each brush stroke is a silent word. Each color, tint and shade stems from
a complex spectrum of feelings, ideas, sensations and stories that I hope will have resonance in the
imagination and soul of the viewer.I choose to express questions, motifs and beliefs through
figurative painting, because I believe it to be the most concrete, clear and impressionable form of
artistic expression. Most of the subjects I portray are decisively naked, and this is because I believe
that the nude figure, without the protection of clothing, is the greatest way to reveal the deepest
truths of what resides within the human soul.

I produce my Impressionistic paintings on canvas, building up colour in multiple layers to create vibrant
optical mixes, favouring scenes with striking contrasts of light and shadow. To enable me to work
quickly and spontaneously, I normally work in acrylics.

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