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Sweet rain - An artwork by Michael U Johansson
Med mina fragmentariska bilder vill jag väcka en inre känsla av en längtan som vi alla bär på, medvetet eller omedvetet. Människan och
naturen intresserar och inspirerar mig och ingår ofta i mina verk. Det är associationsrika oljemålningar och akvareller som handlar om
reflexioner över naturen, livets paradoxer, mänskliga relationer, närhet och kärlek. Jag arbetar med färgkontraster i lasurer lager på
lager med både varma och kalla färger där varje färglager, med sin egen känsla behövs för att slutresultatet kan ge en paradoxal
känsla (precis som det är i livet). Vi ser det vi vill se, antingen det mörka eller det ljusa, det kalla eller det varma. När vi vet om det kan vi
välja vad vi vill se. Det gäller även i det verkliga livet.

Soryn is a European realistic painter born in Moldova. He has sold over 800 paintings since 1996. His poetic landscapes have become a part of
personal collections in many countries. At the 1998 Olympics the group from Moldova presented Mr. Samaran, the President of the Olympic
Committee with a landscape by Soryn. He was born on November 29, 1966 in the city of Kishinev, Moldova. He attended "Schusev Art School" from
his fifth year of schooling. This was followed by studies at "Repyn" Art College. After he finished his college studies he worked as an artist with a
movie studio and an advertising agency. He has been an artist director with Tele - radio Company Moldova.

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Birgit is a self taught Watercolor artist who specializes in florals and landscapes. Birgit lives in Bolinas
of West Marin, California and finds watercolor the most fluid and expressive medium. Birgit sees her
watercolor paintings as reflective of nature's voice. Her memberships include, California Watercolor
Society, Northern California Chapter of the Women's Caucus of Art, Marin Art Council , Bolinas Living
Artists, Louisiana Watercolor Society, Who's who in America , and Who's Who in American Woman.
Birgit has shown her work all over the world including a one woman show in Hong Kong. Her art is
represented by galleries in Seattle, Washington, Palm Desert and Atherton, California. Birgit has
produced a wide variety of instructional videos available on this site as VHS, DVD and streaming video.
To see her workshop schedule visit the Events page.

As I create a painting I am taken into each location. I choose a subject by how it makes me feel at that time. Most of my subject
matter is of Polynesia and it's culture due to my great love and respect for the culture. I have recently been exploring my dreams.
Painting the dreams I have at night while sleeping is a very spiritual process for me. This awakens my soul. Dreams can tell a
powerful story and bringing my dreams to a visual state brings the story to life. I work in oil, watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic
and pastel and I enjoy mixing them together into one painting the most. Mixing different mediums into a single painting gives more
depth and strength to the painting. I like the variation and life it brings to the subject.Painting is in my soul and if I can bring out
what is in my heart and put it on paper or canvas I feel complete satisfaction---especially if I can make someone who views my
work feel the same way.
Born with a pencil in his hand and creating art for as long as he can remember, Ron recalls how his
father Ted, an accomplished artist, used to sit by him on the family settee and show him how to

After 15 years as a book- and offset printer I became an illustrator at the Institut für Systematische Botanik und Pflanzengeographie der Freien
Universität Berlin (Germany) in 1971. There I am doing illustrations for e. g. publications, educatoinal purpose and presentations. Computer
graphics have become an increasingly important part of my work over the past few years. In my spare time I often spend the evenings drawing. I
do still lives, landscapes and portraits in various techniques, for example as oil paintings, crayons, inks (some colored), or water colors.
Sometimes I make prints on my small printer's press, which I subsegnently colour in manually.

Mikhailov Igor Iurie was born on , 1963 in Magdeburg city in 1980 he graduated from the Arts School in Alma-Ata city.
Once he was mastering this science, he was learning by himself. As he was fond of peisage he was studying the creation
of such artists as Shishkin I.I., Serbakov B.V., SavrasovA.K. and many others…Often he was going out to studies, he tries
to be loyal to the nature and, at the same time he tries to see in the every day life something unusual, beautiful and brightful.
His paintings are a part of personal collections in many countries of the world, as the USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Israel
etc. The paintings are done in a realistic manner with oil on canvas.

Encaustic is an old technique to paint, which immediately caught my attention
on my first encounter with it.
It gives me a feeling of painting which is unique and not comparable to any
other technique.

Pursuing an interest in art, Stephen attended Bethany College to learn more about his talent and interests. Then in 1978, he graduated from Bethany
College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in art. During his college experience, he studied varied subjects from art history, ceramics, printmaking,
drawing and painting. His greatest interests and strengths were in painting and drawing. Since his graduation, he has lived in Colorado Springs, and
lately New Mexico. He spends his time teaching children and teenagers how to appreciate and create art.

My inspiration comes from Nature, both external and internal. Little bits of natural debris find their way into my pockets when I'm walking in the
woods or on the beach. Marin County is wonderful for being outdoors, of course. I end up with feathers, stones, shells, bones, seeds, leaves.
These may sit on my desk for months. Eventually, a few special items will seem meant to go together. They take on a far greater significance
when placed just so in perfect relationship to one another, ready to be models for a painting. For these ,very realistic images I begin with a
detailed but very light pencil drawing, then proceed with watercolor. The result may look photo realistic, but I do not work from photographs.

Her work allows to sintonize with a concrete World. World that is profiles in the
turns and rotate of her sculptures, in the pure colors ,in her firm lines at
painting. In the simplicity in sculptural ways, in the transformation of the
materials, in the harmony of the designs, the force of character of a woman is
guessed that she lives for the art and its nurtured of its creations. It is a case of
that common binomial life-art that encourages the way of belonging to the

I now paint almost exclusively in oil and copy old masters (you soon find out why they were called masters) for
practice. It is well known throughout history that one generation has drawn both inspiration and knowledge from
those who went before. Raphael copied Michelangelo, who derived inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci, and Rubens
bless his heart copied all of them. It does not matter whether your inspiration is drawn from out of your head, a
photograph, another painting, or from life, the creative process that causes it all has been felt before.

Canadian Artist Elizabeth Burry resides in her native province Of Newfoundland and Labrador. There, she is known for her brightly colored realism paintings
inspired by the landscapes and surroundings of her Island home. Elizabeth has a unique ability to bring any subject to life while incorporating light, color and
emotion into her paintings. Most of her work is created in acrylic however watercolor and color pencil can have its place on her pallet.
......born 12th of December 1954 in Halle/Saale ( DDR ). 1960 move to Hamburg, the wall
hasn`t been finished and my parents decided quite hasty, to change the place. Here I
went to school a few years later. After ten years I have done it and decided to make a
training to photographer. In the age of twenty I started to paint. Some years later I had
several different own exhibitions in Hamburg, photographs and paintings varied. After
using camera, canvas, brush and colour, I further used my first Computer, a C64, as a
new creative tool, which soon followed an Amiga and synthesiser. Now PCs normally
work out the results, but the old cases weren`t no less exiting. After a stop in Munich for
some years, back again to Hamburg. From here I send my pictures and my music now to
the journey through the WWW.
My name is Helene Malmros and I live in Sweden . I love to draw and paint I went to art school in 1996 -
1998. Now days I try to get some of my time to place myself in front of my Drawing table but with a
teenage daughter and a four year old son . The time seems not to be long enough....

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